12 November 2013

Found this lying around on the PC, Idle Worship was such a fun time.


11 January 2013

For those unaware, Idle Worship is mostly dying. The developers have created a code that gives you 200,000 gold and 6700 tokens. Yeap. Here it is.


That’s that. Anyone who hasn’t had the chance to play, you might as well try now and be a Super Newbie until the final day the servers die.

12 October 2012

Are you with me, Zach?


I will build an altar in your name.

And you will stretch out your arms, embracing the fire.

And you will be consumed and rise stronger.


I think so.

20 September 2012
Idle Worship loses most of its devs due to a layoff.


I think it’s pretty sad. I want to say Idle Worship wasn’t isn’t a bad game. I think it has an amazing first impression. I can’t think of anything terrible that it does to hinder the gameplay itself, but I can say that the monetization was definitely off. Why buy defense when it won’t filter out a whole lot of anything? Kill spells (though rare) don’t even get filtered.

I think it could have been cooler. Simply that. I think developers get very wrapped up in meticulous planning, and studying game design articles, that they forget why people play at all. I was an evil god. Why wasn’t my island FLAMING IN TERROR? Why couldn’t I use my nasty spells to kill some enemy NPCs as part of a giant war on the blobites? That would have been cool. Yet, I played until level 35, killing only  time.

I will not spend another penny on IW, but I’m glad I at least watched tons of videos for them. I’m sad to see IW in such trouble. I wonder for its future.

update: wait no! Just remembered - the wood problem! Man I wonder how many people quit just because the game very quickly devolves into “regen tree for 3 days”. Simple changes! Make trees max out at 12 wood… and then make them grow twice as fast, and auto-set mudlings to chop until 1 wood is left, not 2.

Vael Victus game designer extraordinaire B|

14 September 2012

I’m going on another Idle Worship hiatus, and hopefully for a month+ or I’ll just quit. :P

It’s been dictating my life again. Today I was just trying to make newbies quit as usual, then some level 60 (max, and ridiculous; few people are max) comes and says WHY YOU DOING THAT, I say, “I’m evil! :3”

I eventually debated with about morality, she ignored me, and I threatened to hurt the newbies she protects if she attacks. She did, and I’ve got to say I was rather surprised with how good my defenses were. But of course, not against her legions of followers she had. :{ I mean she really was ridiculous, she couldn’t have logged off… ever. Her island was full of these energy orbs that must have cost someone a whole lot of damn money to buy. It was just silly.

I think I might just learn to stay away from these social games. They end the same. Backyard Monsters, for how good I was? Destroyed in two days. Literally everything I had worked for. (though I provoked heavily)

I just can’t keep up with these people who dedicate their time to the game, and so I end up like them, and here I am with way too much fucking time wasted today, while I’m supposed to be here at work making Bean Grower. :{ Feels bad, man, so I uninstalled IW.

… and that’s what happened.

12 September 2012

Messaging someone in Idle Worship suggests you’re “praying” to them. In this case, maria took it literally. Thought it was too cute lol

25 July 2012

I have completed all quests in Idle Worship and must now begin my reign of terror.