29 August 2013
Two funny bear videos.

I find tons of bear media while researching them. Check this out.

Adorable Bear Steals Restaurant Trashcan

Bear Party. ‘nuff said

Also, I feel like I’ve just written a media/spam post.

29 August 2013

Eve and I rocking our bear minipets all during Bear Week.

Pictured: the Bearebus

25 August 2013


Vael and I just ordered a bear pizza for Bear Week!

I’m putting honey on it. And then we’re going to watch Grizzly Man while eating it!

It’s so fucking Bear Week in here.

25 August 2013

Just leveled up my Norn Elementalist from 29 to 31 in order to transform into a humanoid bear! In celebration of Black Coat Bear Week! Charge is a hilarious skill.

"I gotta hurry up! I’ll be late for bear week!"

25 August 2013


Bear Week 2013 is upon us! This is our fourth annual Bear Week celebration: the celebration of bears and bear culture.

This week, Black Coats all over the globe are celebrating by having bear meals, putting on bear suits, and generally learning about and appreciating the bear as an animal.

This Bear Week should be the most content-packed week we’ve had yet, because I have a surprise for some of you. The GAM3 prototype game is known as “The Bear”, and is intended to give some insight into the life and trials of the average bear. Do you build your form, solving life’s challenges forcefully? Do you seek the guide of the spirits and raise your Honor? Or perhaps all you need is a good head on your shoulders with Cleverness. The Bear will be released some time in the middle of Bear Week, and will be released publicly and mostly silently as this is only a prototype considered to be in alpha state.

I hope we can all put forth some effort into making this the best Bear Week we’ve had yet!

[please tag all Bear Week posts as “black coat bear week”]

30 August 2012

Added bears to MonBre. Patch notes are here.

— —

Final Bear’s heard that you killed some of his children. He is moderately concerned about this.

— —

Hover Bear hovers even higher than before, making it more difficult to hit!

— —

Equip found! You found: You Are Wonderful30+ HP 3+ attack 7+ accuracy 5+ defense 9+ speed 5+ dodge. The item has been added to your inventory!

29 August 2012

Took this at Eve’s appointment today. Long live bear week.

— —

Just notifying you folks, thursday and friday are full moon in TF2. Get your halloween gear ready, everyone’s gonna be lookin’ grim!

— —

A fun little topic with some good first posts.


10 August 2012

Alright guys, as everyone knows, our third annual Bear Week is coming soon! As you all remembered distinctly, and have likely been drafting some ideas to celebrate bear culture this year, it’s probably not necessary to remind you that Bear Week this year will span from August 25th to August 31st. As always, sponsored by The Black Coat Network.

I’m still thinking of what I can do to celebrate, but I’ll be writing up a post for the 25th with ways you can celebrate. I wonder if we can manage to get a stream going for The Bear this time around.

Oh, and uh… don’t go looking for bear week images on google.

27 August 2011

Thanks to everyone for a nice Bear Week. Next Bear Week, we will be bigger and more active. We may actually have a decent streamer up, too.

26 August 2011
Oh no I almost forgot!

You can’t watch the movie if you don’t have it!

In celebration of Bear Week, me and Eve will be watching The Bear tomorrow night. Unfortunately we’re not an awesome enough network yet to get a proper, ad-less stream going, and even if we did, I don’t know if we’re entirely ready to be talking during the movie - which is what some communities do - and I’m not even sure if I want to be talking during the movie. Maybe during halloween we can all joke around a silly halloween movie, but this bear movie is serious business.


and torrent


25 August 2011
Ursine Influence

(ursine = relating to bears)

Bears have a very strong presence in modern culture. The average person may not realize how prevalent they are, and so, though my readers probably aren’t average people, I will make the influence of the bear apparent to those unaware.

Winnie The Pooh

A children’s character that appears in many forms of media. Pooh is not a ferocious bear, he is actually one of the most friendly bears in pop culture! His influence is so strong over pop culture that he’s created a new species of bear - the “pooh” bear. Winnie has played a major role in showing children that bears are actually very nice creatures that just want to play and eat honey, when they’re not busy defending their honor and raising their families.

Teddy Bear
For countless years, the teddy bear has been used to convey many emotions: usually endearing love. It’s a common children’s toy, further pushing the pleasurable nature of bears to our society. Clever uses of the teddy bear include stuffing a message inside the bear, such as “will you go to the prom with me?” and with small children, “please hug this bear and fall asleep”.

Gummi-bears! Teddy grahams! Bears are a common shape of candy. Gummi bears have even made an appearance in children’s multivitamins.

Mee-kawa, Hungry Bear

I end this with the darker side of bears in culture: the death of a hungry bear. This may be a cute video of a girl running away from a bear, but the bear was put to rest via a gun :{ because it posed a threat.

Well when you push the animals out of the wilderness to the point where they are entering our sandwich shops, I guess I would see them as a threat too.

22 August 2011
Why the bear?

The bear was chosen as the BCN’s official animal due to its nature and traits. The bear is a strong creature, is high on the food chain, and won’t bother humans unless it feels threatened. It cares deeply about its family, and the mother bear even moreso: getting in vacinity of her young could prove fatal if she feels provoked.

The bear is a beautiful creature. It can raise itself upon its hind legs, and jump quite far for such a large animal. On its hind legs, it can even appear similar to a human! It has a wide range of diet, and in fact, it doesn’t even prefer the meat of other creatures. Depending on the bear’s habitat - let us note bears exist in many areas of the world - its diet will vary, but it still doesn’t prefer anything beyond fish and berries. At worst, a bear will eat carrion, which provides protein, which the bear knows it needs to be strong.

There is a small familial hierachy of father-mother-children bears. This shows that bears are true to their roots and may be gregarious.

The bear lives the law of the land. It, in part, even writes the law of the land. It’s a grand creature, and is perfectly fitted to be the Black Coat official animal.