26 July 2012
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Yesterday was my last day at a company with over 250 people employed, and about 125 in the building I worked in. They are a security alarm company - not a software company - that employs salesmen, customer service, administration, data entry and web developers.

I’m grateful for my time there. I learned a lot. From barely knowing what a foreach() is used for to being confident with writing my own game engine in a professional-grade framework, I found my worth growing more and more as a developer. Sadly the company could not keep up with that financially; I was hired at a measley $12/hour, and clocked out at $18.50. Still barely enough to continue to grow financially.

Now I’m off to a company where my worth is met. They gave me the lower end of the salary range I requested, and I’m totally fine with that for reasons I’d like to get into. :}

I’ve recently discovered that I find it easy to justify money for anything that will directly relieve stress. For example: games, a single-family home vs. apartment, and ergonomic enhancements. And while it is true that I could search around for that job that could give me the higher end, ($5,000 more) it’s not that important to me, because the company I’m at seems perfect for me. I go from 250 people to three, which will be four with me. The chain of command will be the president saying “Okay, do this now!”. Perfect. No chance of anyone being unaware of some change I’m about to make, no second or third guy saying that’s not what they intended. No fires to put out: we seriously push an update every six weeks. No constant interruptions from those fires being put out. Wonderful. Peaceful. Less stressful.

I’m not a money-hungry individual, I just like to progress in life. It bothers me to be netting $100/$200 max a month and being content with that. Or to be afraid of spending too much on whatever because it really could mean the rent for a month. We may not even be getting that single-family home because we’ll just save that money for a home or other things. We’ll probably still end up looking at options anyway when the time comes.

Now for the song I’ve tied to the post. I find it a little childish (for some reason) to dedicate a song like this and then follow up with some lyrics, but I will still do it because I’d be listening to it there and really think about how much I dislike the corporate bullshit that prevents so much from getting done.

so long to the second floor
it’s been fun but i don’t belong
up there with the industry
up there with you wolves

Foxy Shazam - Second Floor

And here’s to a happier employment. You know I’ll be posting about how much I like the new job soon. ;} I start July 30th.

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