22 April 2014


Living Myth

Let’s Get Down to Business!

(Just for a laugh, I re-wrote the lyrics to a well-known Disney song, as a parody of a certain sub-set of “hardcore” Guild Wars 2 players)

This was amazing.

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21 April 2014

Dedicated to Crate, who we did not get to have a Friday night goodbye with, and by the time we could on Saturday, he was gone off to war for six months.

I’m sure I’ll have some limited contact with him, but it’s likely to be six months mostly without him. So long, favorite box. So long, most-of-my-GAM3-creative-efforts-support-network.

17 April 2014
17 April 2014
“People run from rain but sit
in bathtubs full of water.”

Charles Bukowski (via bittersweetsongs)

Wow bukowski so profound do you also bathe fully clothed you dickhead. “Oohh isn’t it funny that a person will eat when they’re hungry but will duck if you throw an apple at their face”

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16 April 2014
14 April 2014



I set up a cheap rig for watching Netflix and such in the shower.

This is our future.

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14 April 2014

World’s fastest gaming computer showcased at PAX East.

11 April 2014
9 April 2014
Support Hero Generations!

From a creator of my beloved — and sometimes behated — Highgrounds comes Hero Generations. It looks phenomenal.

Check out the Kickstarter here.

It’s a kind of “generational roguelike” in which your actions determine, in part, the future of your city. It looks great and I’m sure it will feel great.

$10 gets you the game. Planned to retail at $15. Simple as that.

9 April 2014


My friend was walking and found this Godzilla toy in the Trash so he put a shirt on it, named him John, and then took him out to T.G.I. Fridays and then dinner was on John. 

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9 April 2014

Just logged into MonBre.

Responded to the first single new post in four months.

Smiled, sighed, and left.

8 April 2014

Check out the most in-depth and beautiful character creation an MMO — and perhaps even video game — has ever seen! I must specify and beautiful because, well, Second Life.

The game’s Black Desert, and they’re doing something kind of interesting to break up the trinity. Will it be enough? Unsure. I am sure I would pay at least $10 to make a character (me) in this game and simply walk around.

8 April 2014

I’m doing something very fun with GAM3. The player side is getting a huge UI improvement, after the creator side got a minor one, and I’m just having a great time. Solving design-related issues and coming up with ideas is very exciting for me. I’ve been working on GAM3, officially, for 15 months now. I can’t wait to sit down with it in July (estimated) and write the exposition for Daiele. This Summer will be very nice for us, in our new house, with our nice son. I long for the days of half-open windows and development… though this city could be a bit less noisey.

6 April 2014
2 April 2014

Hey folks! I’ve just gotten very excited from the announcement of Guild Wars 2 making maps globally populated: known as a megaserver. This is amazing news. Right now if you go into a map on GW2, it’s your server’s copy, and if too many people fill it, it makes another copy called an overflow. Now when joining a map, it’s based on all servers, and then filtered by language (finally!) and social parameters: your guild, friends list, home server.

This has far-reaching implications, and this person brings up a great idea that I don’t imagine is in effect, but probably should be.


With the Megaserver announcement, I had a thought: I wonder if it could be used to cordon off commonly known trolls or bots.

Similar to how it tries to prioritize friends, I wonder of it could distance people who you have blocked. People who are often blocked might wind up in their own personal hell with other people who are often blocked.

I wonder if I will ever need to “Cave” people in my community, but I really don’t think so.