31 August 2014
Oh man, MurCity.

This message is to notify you that we have just had to move one of your account’s databases ([MURCITY DATABASE] on [MY HOST ACCOUNT]) from the /var partition to the account’s /home directory under the “MYSQL_DATA” directory. 

This was simply due to the /var partition beginning to fill up and this database was one of the larger ones that could be easily moved.

I paused for a moment, and realized that two years after abandoning the game, the game was still running. Hunters have been generating and fighting for years.

While I did purge the battle tables often enough, there appears to have been so many hunters generated by now that there have therefore been more battles before a purge takes place, and now the battle table holds 65,000 rows and we’ve had 5,509,925 battles. Totaling 1.3 gigs because I was a kinda bad programmer back then!

The more I think of MurCity, the more I want to see it return, so I’m going to just stuff this away in the back of my mind, disable the scripts, and perform a proper purge before my entire hosting account shuts me out.

30 August 2014

The Internet’s really funny today.

Doublju.com's my favorite place to shop for new clothes, but their programmers are pretty ass; always bugs, always apologies, and though I'm happy to say I did receive free shipping on my $100+ order, they tried to load insecure content on an HTTPS connection and therefore order was blocked. I notified customer service, who may very well know me by name. Sad. I want those damn shirts.

30 August 2014

Oh! I’ve finally found one. I’ve been looking for a Black Cyber Mask Cyber Goth Respirator Gas Mask 44 Spikes Fetish Fetish Respirator Mask for ages.

The double-Fetish denotes the exact quality of respirator that I desire. I have needs.

27 August 2014
I ended up enjoying Crusader Kings 2!

It’s definitely a good story generator. Favorite thing so far in this playthrough: married a lesbian princess who was -15 fertility but +15 fertility because of another trait, thereby “canceling out her lesbianism”. Three years into the marriage, she’s pregnant… by another man. How low can I get?! My guy has to marry a lesbian who proceeds to cheat on him with a man. And the baby was a girl. I named her Melatonin, because I’ve decided to name all my children after objects on my desk.

Another fun one: manage to find a suitable man for daughter. Took a -200 prestige hit because he was perfect but also a lowly baron. Married matrilineally, which means the baby is part of my dynasty. He’s Lustful, I’m totally going to make some babies. The guy dies from an accident a week later. A week is about 5 seconds in this game, so it was seriously: “You’re married! Congratulations!” (vael blinks IRL) “Deepest sympathies. Awesome Husband Man was lost in an accident.”

27 August 2014
Crystal Warrior Ke$ha
27 August 2014

I told Abel about Black Coat Bear Week and he loved the idea! He wanted to dress up as a bear, so we took Eve’s kigurumi and slopped it over him.

What are kids for?

24 August 2014
Alpha Bear must be stopped before the entire colony is destroyed by in-breeding.

Alpha-male bear facing castration as sexual dominance threatens population.

"If he keeps up this sexual vigour and dominant attitude for a few more years, the other males in the mountains have no chance of mating with any of the females."

Think we found the final boss of The Bear.

24 August 2014


It’s that time again! Black Coat Bear Week 2014 is here: this is our fifth annual celebration of bears and bear culture! Bear Week starts today and runs for a total of eight days, until next Sunday, the 31st of August.

Throughout the week, our lovely Eve Victus will be participating with her bear blog that she started one year ago, in honor of Bear Week. More details of her involvement can be found there. As for Vael’s participation, I’m happy to announce that The Bear — Black Coat Studio’s prototype GAM3 game — will be made playable some time this week. Keep an eye on The Orbium to see when it’ll be made playable, or just watch this blog. The current plan is to develop The Bear yearly, building on it each Bear Week. I may have a few smaller projects going on this week as well, time warranting.

To participate in Bear Week, simply submit anything bear-related to the tags “black coat bear week” and “black coat bear week 2014”. Are you an artist? Draw a bear. Writer? Write about bears. A musician? Make a bear song. Crafter? Craft a bear. There are so many ways to celebrate this wonderful animal.

Happy Bear Week 2014!

23 August 2014
"I’ll just see what Crusader Kings 2 is all about."

You know, go in, mess with the settings, see how the game feels. 

40 minutes of my life vanish and I’ve sent my son to go marry some danish princess who’s totally out of his league but is eager to get married. I’ve not done much else, as I’m presently struck by its depth and the menus that are flying at me everywhere. Could probably use a better tutorial, but the hint system’s very helpful.

Remarkably, I’m this guy. Many characters in this game actually existed! They trace their lineages down accurately. It’s nice.

19 August 2014
Jumbo Bundle’s got some great stuff for < $6

Finally, Crusader Kings 2 + three DLC valued at 7/8th less, in a bundle, than it released at. Well, I wouldn’t have played otherwise.


16 August 2014
Black Coat Bear Week starts on the 24th of August.

You have eight days to prepare.

You have been warned.

15 August 2014

Disclaimer: writing is not final.

How Daiele handles gender selection. This is all it will ever be, because it does not matter at all, really.

15 August 2014
12 August 2014
Researchers confirm cases of Ebola before the workers on the ground do.
11 August 2014

It’s unlike me to reblog a long set of pictures, but I cannot help this one. I find them very clever and thought-provoking. I love the windmill dictator picture. Quoting the Purse-Siene,

The inevitable mass-disasters will not come in our time nor in our children’s, but we and our children must watch the net draw narrower, government take all powers— or revolution, and the new government take more than all, add to kept bodies kept souls—or anarchy, the mass disasters. These things are Progress.


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