17 October 2014


16 October 2014

Eve and me in Guild Wars 2. Should take a few pics with our weapons active: we’re running some prestigious skins which look great when we’re in combat.

I’ve been playing some GW2 alongside Crusader Kings 2 and Road Not Taken. In CK2, I finally managed to create the empire of Hispania. I took lowly Aragon from: (above Zaragoza)


And that’s it for that playthrough. It was hard-won and took 250 years, sometimes got lucky with holy wars and only twice did I reload from a save… I’ll be playing Ironman mode from now on, where everything is permanent and you earn Steam achievements. Really looking forward to seeing how far I can take a Pagan.

Road Not Taken is a good time and is another example of Spryfox’s impressive game design. I’ll be dedicating about three hours straight to it tonight. I’m on vacation, it’s fine.

13 October 2014

I have updated a personal slice of Internet I’ve claimed for myself: my website and two tumblr themes.

My website’s seen the biggest changes in regards to content. It will still look the same to you. Actually, all of these changes will, but trust me, things are different and look nicer. I ironed out a lot of spacing and presentation issues with both my tumblrs. I changed fonts. Everything is more professional, whatever that means.




Give feedback as well. I’m on vacation, so there’s no better time to be making tweaks.

11 October 2014
When I was a young teen, my best friend from my “homeschool co-op” in Dallas, Texas started attending a wealthy private school and made friends with a boy whose family lived on the same block as players for the Dallas Cowboys. This was in the nineties when the Cowboys won a lot of superbowls. This family’s house was the largest I had seen and is still probably the largest house I have ever seen in person. I remember a movie theater, a garage with a full-size basketball court and a backyard with a forest in it. I was young so I’m sure it seemed larger than it was, but there were rooms with furniture you couldn’t sit on. That was one of the first hints I got that being rich is a joke.

In the kitchen there was a wire cage with a rat in it. There were several family pets, I think, but the house was big enough that this was the only one I ever got a good look at. The rat had a large tumor on its neck. The cage was maybe a cubic foot or two, with wood chips for bedding. It was in view of the windows to the backyard, but I’m not sure it got to leave the cage.

The people who lived in that house had enormous wealth, and they could have used that wealth to make the rat they lived with the happiest rat in the world. No cage, dirt and grass under its feet, mental and physical challenges, a balance between new and familiar environments, relationships with other rats. There are a million little ways rich people have found to spoil their pets. They could have paid attention to its needs and learned to shape their environment to improve the quality of its life. Instead they chose to watch this rat die in a cage every day at every meal.

When we allow ourselves to believe that certain people/animals/things have value we simultaneously and necessarily believe that other people/animals/things do not.

John Campbell, author of the ‘Pictures For Sad Children’ webcomic

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11 October 2014

The names of the top PvP teams in ANet’s tournament, though. <3

8 October 2014
The Black Crown Project Will Go Offline On Halloween


I’m very sorry that it has to be like this. 

I will continue to reblog, favourite and post any relevant material here. 

More information: Bonfire Dog Blog Post

What can be said? I felt it was coming after getting the reply from Failbetter that they couldn’t fix the Black Crown forums. Of course I am very sad about this. I was looking forward to Sherman’s revision of the game, based on the notes he’d collected from players. He’d simply and safely estimated that it could come this Summer, but Autumn had something else in mind.

The Wiki will stay. My transcriptions that no one likes will always be available. However, I’m finding it hard to do any more work on that which will be inaccessible in less than a month. I’m considering writing some kind of plot synopsis, but honestly most of my time spent reading Black Crown was out of the game; I’ve only finished two playthroughs, I resumed a third on my “work account” at work today, remembered it had molloscus. Always wanted that disease. Lady Dorian would be a better fit for the job.

I would like to thank Robert Sherman for making the game and Random House for putting it out there. Failbetter, sure.

And thanks to Lady Dorian, whom I’m pleased to have engaged with in conversation over some great mysteries of the game. She contributed a good amount to wiki as well, one hell of an article on Wayle. If anyone is reading this past October and they haven’t played Black Crown, Wayle’s article is the closest you’ll get to a plot synopsis.

A second round of thanks to Sherman for dealing with my lengthy emails, love letters, requests for documents, and for improving my reading level. Black Crown itself taught me to think differently about horror. I once saw BC described as “outwardly grotesque, inwardly beautiful”, something like that. It is true. I learned The Eremite was a flawed individual, a bit irresponsible and quite a liar. But I liked him. I guess I liked everyone, even learned to like Wayle in the end.

I’ll never get over my fear of bipedal pigs. I’ll never forget how my teeth hurt for 45 minutes after reading the self-dentistry of the red tooth. I chased my son around the house pretending to be the Shushbaby, bought blue tape to put him in a quarren when he refused to cover his mouth when coughing. The whales dying on the shore, the prima monstrua. How grateful the Bathetic was when I healed him in Nex-locked content. It would be really cool to remove the Nex locks now, Sherman, if you’re reading me.

Eyes down, clerks. It all goes dark soon.

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— Parlay

5 October 2014

Human Resources

Check out this Kickstarter. Beautiful art, fun concept. Humans and robots use humans as resources to do stuff — like build altars to summon gods, factories to produce more robots.



* $1.4 million seems like a lot, but I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout nothin’, so.

* I worry that the game will devolve into the same strategies employed in every game.

* Is two factions really enough? I feel like three would make the game worth investing in, probably because of the above factor.

4 October 2014

Got an email today. Fallen London’s been updated.

Explore the story of the Wry Functionary’s past in 7000 words of new conversational content by the esteemed Emily Short!

She’s done it again! Ms. Short is everywhere in interactive fiction. I learned Inform 7: there were her tutorials and library of Inform projects. I got into the beta for Varytale: she wrote an excellent piece that is still playable. I read her articles and recommendations for more IF. Now she is in Fallen London itself.

Wherever she goes, whatever she writes, it’s great. What motivation to return to FL.

3 October 2014


Frankenstein enters into a body building competition and finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective

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2 October 2014


Been wanting to play Pagans/Zoro for so long. My current campaign’s just sick with my own bloodlust, but with the pagans, I intend to bring it to the next level. I intend to own the world.

And thanks to the customization pack, I don’t have to do it with a stupid beard, either.

1 October 2014
Check out Mexico’s vigilantes’ DIY tanks.


I’m not exactly sure where these roam or who they shoot, but drug cartels are very scary over there.

29 September 2014
Utopian Fund


The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a gifted education program based at Duke University. Its purpose is to identify gifted children and provide them and their parents the resources for them to reach their full educational potential. 

I don’t think Abel’s gifted, though. :{ But if you ever need a candidate for charity, here’s a case that will probably do something useful with your money.

27 September 2014


[…] posture and face remind me of Vael for some reason.

It’s his awkwardness throughout it all. He maintains awkwardness in every frame of this gif. 

You can see in the start that he looks at her, proceeds with his impulse to pull her toward him, but his pants are too slick; or perhaps she is heavier than he thought, and he slides to her instead. The final realization in those last milliseconds that he is now close to her. He looks away, quickly, then down, then over to her. He isn’t apologetic. He’s actually quite pleased, but still terribly awkward.

Also, I lost my cane and I’m pretty upset because we have a photoshoot coming up in which I could use it.

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26 September 2014
This week’s Weekly Humble Bundle: Leading Ladies

Humble Bundle’s released a bundle of games lead primarily by female protagonists.


Check out Yawgh on that page for an example of a non-web game that could be made with GAM3. If only I could figure out how to abstract database queries to the client’s side… some day, that may not even matter. As much as I hate the hit-based model the industry subscribes to, there’s no denying that games with even a modicum of success can bring in a lot of money.

24 September 2014

Dropbox’s web UI is beautiful. I even got 250mb extra (yay) for finishing the Get Started quests.