19 August 2014
Jumbo Bundle’s got some great stuff for < $6

Finally, Crusader Kings 2 + three DLC valued at 7/8th less, in a bundle, than it released at. Well, I wouldn’t have played otherwise.


16 August 2014
Black Coat Bear Week starts on the 24th of August.

You have eight days to prepare.

You have been warned.

15 August 2014

Disclaimer: writing is not final.

How Daiele handles gender selection. This is all it will ever be, because it does not matter at all, really.

15 August 2014
12 August 2014
Researchers confirm cases of Ebola before the workers on the ground do.
11 August 2014

It’s unlike me to reblog a long set of pictures, but I cannot help this one. I find them very clever and thought-provoking. I love the windmill dictator picture. Quoting the Purse-Siene,

The inevitable mass-disasters will not come in our time nor in our children’s, but we and our children must watch the net draw narrower, government take all powers— or revolution, and the new government take more than all, add to kept bodies kept souls—or anarchy, the mass disasters. These things are Progress.


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10 August 2014

Today someone was having an issue in MonBre, so I went in and fixed it. As I was wrapping up, this was my guy on the home screen and I felt I could identify well with him after having to deal with MonBre’s abysmal code base. This is my “coding monbre” face.

If I am not a good person, and I end up in Hell, the task that I’ll have to complete in order to escape from Hell will be to port MonBre to CakePHP… database intact.

7 August 2014
Fish Plays Pokemon


Nothing more needs to be said. Well, except that this may be the first fish to ever play a videogame.

6 August 2014

After four years in Fallen London, I’ve finally managed to buy two Overgoats and create the Ubergoat. I don’t even know what to do anymore, but there it is: the product of an estimated 6 months of pure grinding. (because of the positioning of clicking, I only farmed jasper + frank, so I could close my eyes for 30 seconds and complete my farming)

I sold off the product of a few Trade Secrets as well.

Posting to my main only because it is a rather monumental event. Someone love me.

5 August 2014

A personal blog post about what I’ve been doing for entertainment lately.

Lately I’ve been dipping in and out of various games, between GW2 content releases. We have also been watching a few movies. I’ve just generally been rather absent from GW2, relative to how I used to be with it. (12-16+ hours a week)

Throughout all of this, and much before, I’ve been playing Angry Birds Epic. Don’t play, it’s super addicting and wants your wallet sometimes and there’s another game that is probably better, out there, similar to it.

So! I first started with Sunless Sea, which is fun but needs a bit more work before I can really main it.

Then, I decided to try Dwarf Fortress because of their new patch. It takes too long to learn at this time, but it is bookmarked for later. (I could never figure out how to move the dwarves)

I then tried Gnomoria, which is basically Dwarf Fortress Lite, and with a GUI. The initial presentation’s pretty bad: this awful retro music (why don’t they default to the orchestral?) and I really loved being able to see my world being generated in DF. In Gnomoria, I got a simple loading bar. I’ll need to spend some more time in it, probably watch a Let’s Play, but in its current state and cost (non-free), I’m not rushing to it.

Next I have Dino D Day, which Eve and I got for free today thanks to PC Gamer. And then I imagine I’ll dive right into Road Not Taken, which I bought the moment I found out it was released. ($12, go get it!) I even got $2.50 off from selling TF2 hats. :}

After finishing all the Living Story achievements for GW2, I typically only go in for some PvP: sPvP, WvW, activities. We have been watching a few too many movies lately…

4 August 2014

The dot in the i.

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3 August 2014

Went through my “internet” folder today, which I no longer keep up with. Here are some pictures that still make me laugh.

1 August 2014

There is a tl;dr at the end, for those in a hurry.

I am not an artist, and generally I do not appreciate art unless it’s being used to add flavor to something. But, I had always wanted to try my hand at speedpainting to see how I could do: it looked easy enough to get the concept down and to make a “decent quality” product within an hour. Daiele needs only “decent quality” that would take, I estimate, 45 minutes total of a Good Artist’s time.

In about 45 minutes of my time, I had a nice mesh of sky and terrain. Today I tried for about another 45 minutes and came out with the above: I added rocks, tried to make the terrain look like “hard soil”, and generally did stuff. Learned from tutorials.

However, it requires a bit more skill than I have at present. I tried to add dead trees and stumps, but they didn’t look like they belonged to the landscape; more just floating over it on a separate photoshop layer. They didn’t look good at all, anyway. Then I added the rocks, which are very smooth, and implanted deep into the soil. I couldn’t illustrate that fact, though, so I added a drop shadow and exported the work.

Only to find it was just simply too blurry to feel “decent” and that I probably should drawn at 1920 x 1080, even though it wouldn’t have made a difference here. I believe anyone can do most anything, and that I could be a great speedpainting artist if I wanted to be, but I cannot juggle: writing, coding, parenting, work-work, and fun, without stretching all of them so thin that I’m making very little progress at all.

I was hoping and am, vestigially hoping, that Eve can produce speedpaints. I don’t want to release Daiele without speedpainted backgrounds for each zone. It’s shaping up to be that I will either have to learn speedpaints or pay a proper artist, however, and I’m not sure I can get away with: “Look, I’ll give you $50 per pic if you can just draw a bunch of scenes for about an hour of your time”. Especially when a professional logo is priced at about $90 per.

tl;dr/in summary: Tried to waterpaint, could have been worse, could have been much better, will require more time to get to the point of producing Decent Quality, cannot spend the time, have hardly the will, artists are expensive, will need to come to some result eventually.

Another thing. I discovered/re-thought that the sides of the picture should be most interesting because the content of the game is primarily in the middle of the screen.

28 July 2014

I was just messing around in GW2 when I got a blue screen, something about disk space. Came back, checked my disk space, and now I see why.

Seriously, though, for the past two weeks, I’ve been getting some pretty questionable graphical glitches. Brand new vidjo card, too. The mobo might just be getting old. I ordered the PC in december 2010. Nearing four years, however, really shouldn’t do a PC in. And it’s not, so.

25 July 2014



In an old house in Paris that was covered in vines…

I vaguely remember this from my childhood.

Honestly, I was expecting them to walk into traffic.